Aimee Sy

Visual Artist
art director


inspired by the ar
rangements of scenes / THE USE OF various PROPERTIES [senses] TO ACHIEVE A PARTICULAR ATMOSPHERE ~ Mise en scéne

Aimee Sy

Visual Artist
Art Director

Meminisse: In case I forget you

meminisse, a Latin verb that means "to remember."

‘Meminisse: In case I forget you’ is a reflection on the decay of memory. The work weaves through the passage of time forming a collection of fabricated memories of past lives, past selves, and relationships. The common thread between each piece is the ritual behind the process.

I find memories can be weathered by time, malleable, and subjective. Some memories are faded between the real and the imaginary.

I enjoy the act of expanding them into objects, the process of creating a shape of a memory with each piece acts as a stamp to encapsulate the memory in time - transforming what once was an escapable memory into a tangible work of art.

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