Aimee Sy is a Filipino visual artist WHO ︎ LAMPS.
Her sculptural style uses light as a medium to celebrate themes of memory and decay.

Aimee Sy

Visual Artist
art director


inspired by the ar
rangements of scenes / THE USE OF various PROPERTIES [senses] TO ACHIEVE A PARTICULAR ATMOSPHERE ~ Mise en scéne

Aimee Sy

Visual Artist
Art Director

01  CASA LANTERNS   CDMX  03/2024                                 

            02  MEMINISSE: IN CASE I FORGET YOU   BK  12/2023                                 

01  CASA LANTERNS   CDMX  03/2024                               02  MEMINISSE: IN CASE I FORGET YOU   BK  12/2023                   03 HEAVYLIGHT NY  04/2022