Aimee Sy

Design Director
of Eva NYc

art director / designer 
base in new york

inspired by the arrangements of scenes / THE USE OF various PROPERTIES [senses] TO ACHIEVE A PARTICULAR ATMOSPHERE ~ Mise en scéne

restart videos & play with sound :)

Aimee Sy

Design Director
of Eva NYc
art director / designer 
base in new york


just defined

Some an arrangement with a metrical rhythm
Some just not a word at all


Mise En Scène

/ˌmēz ˌän ˈsen/

the arrangement of scenery and stage properties in a play.

French, literally ‘putting on stage’.

// strongly suggests the use of properties to achieve a particular atmosphere or theatrical effect.

Andre Basin
Mise en scene vs montage


Wish Bone Chair

eye lid kisses
cheekbones and chairs

where      my

     my         ass
                        rest      over
the way he
         fucks me
    from                 behind





104. Interestingly, the German word Müssiggang is produced by the conjunction between die Mußeleisure—and Gang, literally referring to the practice of "walking, passing,” and directly echoing the habit of the flaneur. Müssiggang stems from the same linguistic root as the word “duty”—das Müss—almost to suggest that idleness itself is generated from “duty"; or, alternatively, that it might be a praxis pregnant with necessity, regardless of whether the “idle labor" will eventually “give birth.”

The Scene of Foreplay: Theater, Labor, and Leisure in 1960s New YorkBy Giulia Palladini


Not a word

Verse forever Wip


He is tall
He is red
He is black

He is victim
He hit
Not me
My mother
I kicked

That night
A palm tree burn
the fake tiled floor

The house burned
A home - factory they said

I’m sorry

I want to remember better

He is dad
He is good to his kids
At least
He is playful
Like me when I drink
Never excessive
Unlike him

Red at yellow star city
Off day from school

He watched
Me almost fall of the peak
              of a pirate ship

I try to remember better

He is on the floor
He likes black horses
The few things i know

He is missed

I don’t recall

Only from stories told

Rare from her
bolted memories
unlocked when she’s pink

Cause she said it hurts


Some are true

1. Kilig

Perhaps one of the most popular untranslatable word in the Filipino language is the word “kilig.” Even though most Filipinos would mix it with several English words to make the expression “kilig to the bones,” the word itself is widely accepted as standalone.

In English, it could mean trembling, though even that translation is not close. After all, “kilig” specifically refers to the excitement and feeling you get when you have the proverbial “butterflies in your stomach,” like when you see your crush or when your partner surprises you with a gift. It can also apply to certain situations, like watching a romantic movie, where viewers witness something exciting like the main stars holding hands or even kissing.

2. Gigil

The word “gigil” could be described as an intense urge to pinch or squeeze someone due to their cuteness. It can also be used to describe the urge to clobber or punch someone just because of how annoying they are. It’s basically a dual-purpose word designed for two different situations.

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